November 12, 2015

Hog Croft uncovered – end of season report from the archaeologists

The Hog Croft diggers (volunteers from Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society – BHAS – digging in the field north of the church) have just packed up their shovels and trowels for the year as I write this. But the good news is – they’ll be back! Dig leader, John Skelton, has sent us this report:

“Following the discovery of Saxon artefacts last year, the team members have concentrated their efforts on the terminus of a bank running down the field. We think this may be one side of an entrance to the medieval manor complex which is directly north of the church. The stratigraphy is complicated, but we have found further evidence of a preserved soil surface beneath the bank which contains Saxon finds. Also, some of the features that have been cut into the bedrock chalk resemble Saxon building features found elsewhere in the South of England.

The Assistant County Archaeologist has recommended that BHAS return in 2016 and they have arranged for the site to be protected over the winter months. The main objective of next year’s dig will be to gain more evidence of possible Saxon occupation. If such occupation can be demonstrated then this site at Hog Croft will become, archaeologically, much more important.

To give a head-start next year, the trenches dug this year will be left roped off. Members of the team will visit the site weekly, but if you notice anything untoward, we would be grateful if you would notify John Funnell on 07789245106 or, in the case of criminal activity (including metal detecting), Sussex Police.

The team would like to thank everyone in the village for their hospitality and interest over the last two years. They do realise that their presence does impact on the village and in particular the Church community, but they try to keep it to a minimum. However, if you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to raise the issue with the team.”

John Skelton may be contacted by email ( ).

Shirley Ross (01273 301075)

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