December 24, 2015

Ovingdean Treasure Hunt : Sunday 27 December 2015

Please come and join  us at the Village Hall for a Treasure Hunt on Sunday 27 December. The Treasure Hunt starts at 1.30pm but the Village Club will be open as usual from 12 noon. This is a walking event, for all the family, going round the village and answering clues on what you might see.

It is an excellent way to walk off the excesses of Christmas!

Contact Russell Smith if you would like more details


Ovingdean Village Treasure Hunt


Sunday 27 December 2015


  • There are no prizes. Answer sheet available at the end
  • Work round the village either way clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • If your question sheet is yellow, go clockwise; if its pink, go anti-clockwise
  • Route is Ovingdean Road, Ainsworth Avenue, Longhill Road, Longhill Close, Ovingdean Road back to start
  • Take great care on all roads
  • Keep your eyes open and your mind alert
  • Some answers are very close and some are distant
  • Not all questions are in geographical order – you may find that a question comes up when you’re around Greenways and the answer pops up in Longhill Road
  • There may be puns, or mathematics or simple observation tests
  • If you went onto this week, these questions were all there since Christmas Eve
  • Everything is visible from the highway – no trespassing necessary
  • Have fun


1 What’s staring you in the face?  
2 How many sloes visible?  
3 What time is it?  
4 Grand total of the Grange  
5 When is the next post?  
6 Silver chimneys Barn Court. How many if right-handed and how many if left-handed?  
7 Tigers 3, Bees ?  
8 There’s a shed load but how many?  
9 How many ‘Os’ at Ovingdean Hall entrance  
10 What number for Father Peter?  
11 What number for Father Peter? This is not a repeat answer nor a rePete answer  
12 Where might you see One Direction?  
13 Caravan at 32  
14 Where can you first see the sea?  
15 What’s between these two houses?  
16 Diamond geezer – where?  
17 Where can you see sideways ‘B’s?  
18 Island numbers  
20 How many in the panel game?  
21 What can you not see from Falmer Road but you can see from Longhill Close?  
22 Furthest house in Longhill Close?  
23 What grade did table 12 score?  
24 Deep water  
25 What will briadam get you?  
26 He’s a canny man – mobile number please  
27 How many Cypresses?  
28 How many of these in the playground? JAcky has the clue – follow her  
29 Where’s the reversible house?  
30 Where is the Griffin?  
31 How many papers can you buy at the Village Stores?  
32 Cole Porter lives here  
33 What’s in the distance between 134?  
34 How many legs in Ovingdean Road – this is much harder than it seems  
36 What number to peep over a fence?  
37 What was missing?  



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