September 3, 2013

Plan B

We thought it would be helpful to restate ORPS’s role in relation to planning applications within the village. The objectives of the society are ‘to promote and preserve the amenities and ambience of the area and to act generally in the interests of the inhabitants of the district’. We hope the various actions you see carried out by ORPS fulfil these objective.

We do see ourselves in the role of responding to planning applications, but only where we feel it affects adversely ‘the amenities and ambience of the area’. Over the last two years ORPS has reviewed 71 applications and objected to 9. Whilst we are passionate defenders of village life, we think this puts our role into perspective.

Villagers should pursue their own objections to any planning application that may impact upon them. ORPS will react where an application has
wider adverse implications for a particular area or numerous residents.

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