October 7, 2013

Segway gone?

You may have noticed articles in the Argus that the Rottingdean Golf Course was to be used as a Segway theme park , in much the same way as is happening at Devil’s dyke. The situation arose because following the departure of the previous tenants ( who incidentally were responsible for filling in the holes on the greens with concrete , not the council) the council had not been able to find new tenants. A lot of misinformation was circulating about plans already agreed by Rottingdean Parish Council (RPC) for Segway to take over the licence. BUT such an application was fortunately withdrawn at an early stage. it is possible that a new tenant will step forward to turn the club house into a Nature Centre.

ORPS will be working with RPC and the Friends of Beacon Hill on ideas to promote the golf course as a nature reserve as part of the South Downs national park.


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