May 3, 2015

Mobile Planatarium

4 members of Ovingdean WI took up the invitation to see the mobile planetarium at Sussex University.  The presentation was organised by the East Sussex Federation Leisure and Learning committee and there were 2 sessions with about 17 attendees at each.

What is a mobile planetarium? The inflatable dome housing the planetarium was sited in a big room in the Students Union.  We crawled through an inflated doorway to the inside where there were chairs in rows.  The current date’s night sky was projected on the ceiling and our hosts, members of the astronomy department, explained various features of the night sky.

We learned about the differences between stars and planets, how the earth could fit into the sun a million times, why Pluto is not considered a planet any more.  We also heard about moons of Jupiter, Io and Europa, the former being the most volcanically active place in the solar system. It was all fascinating and many thanks to all concerned.

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