August 27, 2014

20 mph speed limit consultation : views please

As residents know the council is currently carrying out a consultation exercise  to reduce the speed limits on Ovingdean. There has been a suggestion that we should be pushing for Greenways to be included in the 20mph zone (not included at present.)


Notwithstanding the difficulty of enforcing any 20mph speed limit ORPS would be interested in residents views on:

a) 20mph speed limit  in the village

b) the inclusion of Greenways in the plan

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    I’m torn. Modern cars are not comfortable at a constant 20mph – they run most efficiently at 30mph – all to do with gearing and power curves. On the other hand, the avoidance of one child killed or injured is worth it. Speaking of which, I note that the council are proposing to retain the 40mph limit on Greenways – madness! Of anywhere, Greenways is surely a priority for a reduced limit given the number of beach visiting families with small children crossing the road. I have on many occasions witnessed cars and motorbikes (some on one wheel!) coming off the roundabout at well over 60mph.

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