May 18, 2014

Caravans on Greenways

Residents may have noticed that there are four caravans parked on Greenways. The matter has been raised with the council and their response was :
Quote “I have spoken to the abandoned vehicles team who have told me that the three caravans in the road are legally parked. If, however you are aware of anyone living in any of these our team can take action.
The owner of the green trailer lives in the area and has provided proof of this to the Abandoned vehicles team that put the notice on the trailer.

ORPS is clearly disappointed that we cannot do anything legally to remove these caravans and are concerned that even more might be left in future ( to go with the coaches that might use the area as an overflow!)


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  • Cowpat Cottage June 6, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    I raised the issue with the Council because when walking my dog with my 5 year-old daughter we saw a man standing behind the green caravan peeing into the field! They sent me the above response. Equally worrying is that I was stopped today in the village by another rusty old motorhome and asked where the campsite was. I explained that we did not have one here and maybe they needed Sheepcote Valley but the address they had ‘been given’ was Greenways, Ovingdean!!
    One of the vans went today but the other 2 remain and at least one is occupied so the orange sticker is not going to be effective on that one as it is clearly not abandoned, however the follow-up response I got was that the area where it was parked was a parking area…
    Maybe a 12 hour limit could be requested on behalf of the villagers? This would not prohibit anyone spending a day on our beautiful beach but it would give the authorities something to enforce?

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