February 19, 2016

Community Resilience Project

You  may be interested in the “Community Resilience” project which is all about building links and good will; the underlying intention is to help communities deal effectively with any major problem, calling on both professional and voluntary help and seeking to make sure that the vulnerable and the elderly in our village are assisted as required.

Sussex Resilience Forum has been in existence now for about 18 months and has the support of the Brighton Council and the Health Service. Without getting too complicated, the aim is to try to envisage what sort of difficult situations might arise and then to look at how the local community might be equipped to deal with such situations. It may, for example, be serious pollution of our water supply, a sudden epidemic, a great fall of snow or a major gas or electricity interruption.

Woodingdean is leading the way with this and we can count on quite a lot of support from them and other parts of the Deans. But I hope Ovingdean will be able to produce a Community Resilience Plan specific to our village. I think the very process of finding out what is available and how it can be harnessed will be of benefit to the whole community.

If you are interested in helping with this, then that would be great. I am contacting all organisations in Ovingdean and I hope to call a meeting in March to look at what we might be able to do. In the first place it would be good to email me if there is anyone willing to be involved.

The Revd Peter Wolfenden

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