April 21, 2018

Concerns over proposed road closure for Green Festival

Some concerns have been expressed over the proposed road closure for the Ovingdean Green Festival. One resident sent some questions to me which it might be helpful for others to see how I replied



Q. Where will all the cars be parking for those traveling to the event we really don’t want them on our grass outside our house we look after the grass and don’t really want it churned up.

R.There will be no cars parked in front of the green on Greenways corner. Ovingdean road will be closed to stop access from visitors with only residents allowed in and out. Parking for visitors will be on Ainsworth avenue, Longhill road, Greenways. We did originally want to use the grass for stallholders but that would have required more consultation with nearby residents and ultimately we felt would ruin the grass. For information we have talked to the College about using their grounds for parking but they are reluctant to have anything to do with the village. We are employing a traffic management company to man the road closed signs at each end of Ovingdean road where it meets Longhill road and Greenways corner at the bottom of Ainsworth avenue

Q , My partner and I are due to work that day in the afternoon and need to use our cars, I read we can use the village park but I refer to the above the village roads could easily get blocked unless policed by someone.

R.Because there will be no access to the village on Ovingdean road to visitors, the roads will not be blocked so you will be able to exit in the afternoon from the village hall

Q , Access will be required as some of our clients on the day  so access will be required up the farm track.

The farm track will be free to use and we have talked to Martin Carr, the farmer to reassure him that he can move his tractors up Ovingdean road and out of the village. ( but not past the church where there will be stalls in the road). You may ask why its says in my letter to residents affected that residents of the Ridings and Greenways corner will have a degree of difficulty in getting out if the farm track is free to access? To be honest we want to dissuade a lot of car traffic going up the small stretch of road between the village hall and the village church as people will be walking backwards and forwards along that piece of road. In risk assessment terms we just felt the fewer the number of cars trying to weave their way through people the better. Equally if you are in a car it could be  a little awkward trying to drive slowly that way. Thats why we are encouraging using the village hall car park for residents affected  as you can drive out and turn left or the reverse if you are returning.  We are not in conclusion allowed to block the road because the emergency services need access


Please let Russell Smith know if residents have any concerns over the proposed road closure


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