May 26, 2018

Green Festival update

Things are really hotting up for the forthcoming Festival on Saturday 23 June 2018.     Here is our latest flyer    May flyer DateForYouDiaryMayPRINT.


We need volunteers for helping set up the Festival. Please contact  if you would like to help



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    We have to go to work this afternoon, your flyer say it MAY be possible to get out via ovingdean road not we WILL be able to, no parking in the village hall which is where we were told we could park, this is totally unacceptable we have to know we WILL be able to get to work, if not this will cost ovingdean dearly. Sorry to seem miserable but your not thinking of people who live in the area and have this on their doorsteps with no way of carrying on normal life.

    • Ovingdean Webmaster May 26, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      The flyer said that residents and the local farmer are allowed to use Ovingdean road to gain access but then an incorrect phrase following that line may have caused confusion. There will be access up Ovingdean road.
      The flyer is correct in terms of visitors to the festival not being allowed to use the village hall car park. NOTHING HAS CHANGED from the original letter asking for support for the road closure and the previous post on the web site in April saying residents affected can use the village hall car park

      All residents will be written to in a weeks time confirming these details. I am happy as always to talk directly with residents about any concerns they may have about the festival

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