April 4, 2014

New Web site for Meadow Vale Development


An action group (The Deans Preservation Group) has  been set up to organise the campaign to fight development in The Deans.
The group is composed of local residents, owners of horses in the Meadow Vale field and members of ORPS.
Please see the new website for regular updates:
The website has links to Facebook and Twitter.
We need to start fundraising as soon as possible, primarily for specialised legal advice – details of how to donate are also on the website.
Many thanks for your support.
Helen Trundle, Vale Residents Committee, on behalf of The Deans Preservation Group

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    Meadow Vale Latest News.

    Save Our Deans campaigners remain extremely focused against the proposed Meadow Vale development. The meadow, situated on the corner of Falmer Road and Ovingdean Road,site 42,has been targeted by Lightwood Property developers to build over 112 houses on this site. This development must be stopped. If it goes ahead a precedent will be set for building on other greenfield sites in the area.
    Firstly, thank you to all those who came to the Rally at Longhill School on 17th April. An estimated 500 plus people attended and heard empassioned speeches against the development from Simon Kirby MP, Davy Jones Green PPC, Nancy Platts Labour PPC, Roger Amerena, Heritage Commissioner, and Mary Mears and David Smith, two of our ward councillors.
    As Meadow Vale is in the Rottingdean parish,residents have made their opposition clear to Rottingdean Parish Council, and are insisting that RPC oppose the application when it is submitted.
    The proposed development will without doubt effect the already overloaded infrastructure between Woodingdean,Ovingdean and Rottingdean. The increase in traffic along the Falmer Road towards Rottingdean and subsequently along A259 will be devastating, as pollution in the village is already above national average. Residents from all the villages of Woodingdean,Ovingdean, Rottingdean and Saltdean have been writing to lobby Brighton and Hove Councillors to make them aware of this and many more issues. The petition, which has so far reached well over 1600 signatures, was presented at a full Council meeting on 8th May, Before the meeting,the Save Our Deans group, joined by Simon Kirby MP, Davy Jones and Nancy Platts, demonstrated outside the town hall. Steve Wedd of ORPS gave an outstanding petition speech and the development threat was then debated by councillors, who seemed largely sympathetic.
    Lightwood Property has not yet submitted their planning application, but Save Our Deans will alert you as soon as it does and hope everyone will write to object.
    You can keep up to date with events on the Save Our Deans website: saveourdeans.co.uk If you would like to be actively involved in the campaign, the contact details are on the website.

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