November 28, 2013

On the verge…

Parking on the grass verges around the village is a persistent topic of discussion at ORPS committee meetings. During the warmer months, when grass is growing vigorously, the occasional tyre encroaching on a verge does little damage. However, during the colder wetter months, damage is easily caused which left unrectified leaves (at the very least) an unsightly bare patch which is easily colonised by weeds during the spring. Rutts left by heavier vehicles are likewise unsightly, but also, what we Health & Safety obsesives (!) refer to as ‘Slip, trip & fall hazards’. Ironically, it is frequently building sites (of which there are several around the village at present, with heavy lorries taking away spoil and delivering materials)  obliged to comply with HSE directives, but frequently causing the worst problems. Displaced mud and chalk cause slippery pavements, particularly in icy conditions. Believe me – a broken wrist is no fun!

It is ORPS intent to secure a requirement, possibly as a condition of planning consent, for building contractors to re-instate verges to their original condition.

Regarding verge parking. If you have a driveway, please use it whenever possible. If you do need to to park on the road, please do so with consideration of potential damage to the verge and potential danger to road users, pedestrians and buses. Remind visitors to do the same.

Damage caused by persistent verge parking

Damage caused by persistent verge parking

Heavy vehicle damage

Heavy vehicle damage

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    I was very upset to see a black panel van parked on the triangle of grass adjacent to the school, opposite & just beyond the allotments.
    It has left deep ruts in the soft ground & crushed many of the spring bulbs that are clustered round the sign.
    What a shame, particularly when there are parking places nearby!

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