September 14, 2015

Peace & quiet in Ovingdean

Here is a contribution from Steve Wedd!

It’s a long time ago now, but do you remember the second week of September 2015 when the roundabout was resurfaced?

It was delightfully quiet in the village without the through traffic. It was funny watching all the hopefuls ignore the many signs and get to St. Dunstan’s only to have to turn around and make the journey as diverted. However, where did the traffic all go? I happened along there at 1745 on the first day – the Monday – and the first traffic I encountered was downhill at the Rottingdean lights – and then it was only one bus and five cars.

Where did the all the vehicles that cause the queue to stretch back from the Rottingdean lights to Roedean School GO? All those drivers cannot have taken their late summer leave that week. They can’t all have ‘staggered their journeys’ (a wonderful and anarchic phrase so often used by the BBC when advising about Bank Holiday weekend getaway traffic. (Whom should I contact to stagger with? Why has no one ever contacted me to tell me that they are going at 0620 so can I go at 0615? How do I know that they will keep their word and not fool me by going at 0610 and blocking my way?)) Did they just avoid the road? Swim? Drive on the Undercliff? I know that Warren Way was busy on the Monday but not with two lanes of 200 cars.

Here’s just one example of quietude and what you can do on an empty road – my daughter Kitty and her friend Nisha turning cartwheels in Greenways without fear of traffic


hoops at the roundabout


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