February 23, 2015

Protect Longhill Close woodland: we need your support!

Are you concerned about the destruction of the local woodland between Longhill Close and Elvin Crescent? Do you want to maintain local green-space and wildlife? Our aim is to petition <https://www.change.org/p/brighton-and-hove-council-protect-longhill-close-woodland>  the council to stop this devastation immediately and have the area designated as unsuitable for development in the City Plan.

It seems as though Ovingdean is under attack from all sides, but with YOUR support there has been success with the Meadow Vale planning application being refused and Badgers Walk has been earmarked for a woodland Tree Preservation Order.

You do have a voice! Please sign the petition today in support of preserving this woodland


Email us now to register your support and to be kept informed: longhillcloseland@gmail.com




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