November 7, 2017


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To: Local MP and Brighton and Hove CCG
What: Guarantee the continuing presence of a doctors surgery at Meadow Parade after the planned spring review.

To restore surgery hours to two surgeries per day and to continue to provide a full service for local people.
Why is this important: Local doctors surgeries are being closed at an alarming rate. This has happened at short notice, and with no consultation with patients. This denies us access to a local surgery. Meadow Parade surgery will only be open in mornings from now on, with a review in spring which may lead to it closing altogether, leaving NO doctors surgery in Rottingdean. The nearest will be in Saltdean, which is difficult and inconvenient for local people, especially the elderly and infirm, to get to.


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    Having encouraged my elderly mother to move to Rottingdean -in particular to move close to the surgery, I am now appalled to hear that the surgery is under threat. I understand the reasons behind cuts to the NHS but surely elderly people will suffer as they will no doubt put off an attempt to make the journey over to Saltdean. A compromise has already been reached with the closure of the evening surgery- which in my view is an acceptable compromise as the younger community for example people who are working may be more able to attend the Saltdean practice.

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    The Rottingdean surgery is not fit for purpose, these days it’s small, old fashioned and dated… I last attended when it snowed, they couldn’t even be bothered to grit out the front! The Saltdean Practice has better faculties (toilets, lifts, wider doors), bigger waiting room, more parking etc. So I agree with the closure… perhaps they could find larger practice in Central Rottingdean if it’s deemed essential.

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    This is not the sort of bad cuts that those who decide should make,. It would be nice for a bit more thought to be put into such things. As usual it is the easy target, the ordinary person, who continues to be made to suffer.
    We will also need to travel to the surgery which will mean more cars on the road. and where will people park! Also, busses that run more often will be needed from Falmer Rd. and Ovingdean to run up to the Saltdean surgery as the hill up is enough to finish you off.. (perhaps that is the point) kill if you can not cure.
    Thanks very much.

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