January 31, 2015

Save our wooded gateway to Ovingdean : your action is needed now

As you are probably aware natural woodlands and green spaces within Ovingdean are under attack by developers. Although NO planning applications have been yet submitted to the council land adjacent to Longhill Close and Badgers Walk has been stripped of trees and ground cover.

The good news is that on 28/1/2015 the council made a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) that identifies and protects the remaining woodland. Although this order is immediately effective, to become permanent it must be approved by the council. The woodland is an important vista and its loss would affect the character of Ovingdean. This is a significant step by the council which may impact on other sites in the village and must be encouraged. Please email/write to the council and show support for the TPO. You can download the pdf file with all the details from here Woodland

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