September 10, 2015

Seagulls under attack

We would like to draw your attention to a recent disturbing incident in the village at the weekend (5th Sept).

Unfortunately one of our local residents has acquired an Air Gun and presumably, for some sort of sick entertainment, sought to amuse themselves by shooting and killing a seagull which was resting on a neighbour’s roof. The Police and RSPCA were made aware of the incident and an armed response officer attended the property. However, of course, although the residents involved admitted to owning the Air Gun, they denied actually killing the bird

The Police have advised that although you are permitted to use an Air Gun in your own grounds, you are not allowed to shoot outside of your boundary or ‘kill’ Seagulls. Obviously it is very difficult for the Police to press charges if there are no actual ‘witnesses’ but they do treat this type of thing as a serious incident and want to be advised of any further similar problems that occur in this area or if any birds/wildlife are found in local gardens with shot/pellet wounds. The RSPCA have also asked to be kept informed of such incidents as they will liaise with the Police.

If you do find any dead birds/animals with this type of injury or actually witness such an incident call:

POLICE – 101 (and/or your local PCSO, Helen Richardson  07717 868916)
RSPCA – 0300 1234 999 quoting Ext Ref 297 (Liz Wheeler / Tony Woodley)

Love them or hate them, Seagulls are a part of living on the coast and one would assume that most people are happy to accept them. Apart from that, would anyone want someone to be shooting at their rooftop or into their garden?

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