August 27, 2014

Traffic calming on Ovingdean Road : replies needed

ORPS is very aware of the traffic issues on Ovingdean road and has had discussions in the past with the planners on what measures should be taken to reduce speeds here.There have been some comments recently on the web site which are worth responding to and also to seek other views on what might be done here. We feel two of the solutions suggested may not be workable:
1. Putting in sleeping policeman-this may slow people down but those who live next to one are very concerned that the noise levels will be increased with scraping of bottoms of cars, and slowing and speeding up noises either side of the bump
2. Making Ovingdean road one way/installing traffic lights either end of the road  Again we think  this will encourage drivers to go even faster as they know there will be nothing coming the other way!
ORPS  feel a proper study is required to measure road usage in the village. We are not encouraged for example by the report submitted by the traffic authorities for the Meadow Vale development which apparently has serious statistical flaws in it.
At the next ORPS meeting we will be considering how we collect reliable data on road usage in the village and other measures such as, signs that light up telling people how fast they are going, a chicane at the bottom of Greenways as it approaches the village to slow people down at this point, our response to the consultative exercise on the 20mph speed limit etc etc
In summary ORPS would welcome any suggestions for reducing the speeds on on our roads.


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