January 28, 2018

Update on locked gate

Residents will be aware that there have been some concerns raised by walkers regarding the gate that has been locked up the farm track from the corner of Ovingdean road and Greenways.


Last week the BHCC Rights of Way officer came to review the issue and has ruled THAT THERE IS CURRENTLY NO RIGHT OF WAY along that path. The farmer is within his rights to block off the path. I know that the reason for blocking off the path are connected with an agreement with Natural England and the farmers desire to protect his ground from ‘vandalism’. He has also said that the three cows in the field next to the church are there because they have aborted their calfs , POSSIBLY, as a result of dog walkers ( his surmise ).


I don’t think its helpful now to debate the rights and wrongs of the farmers action. The law is the law and until the rights of way are overturned (which they can be applied for )  we urge residents not to provoke the farmer in any way or damage the fence. As chair of the residents association I am trying to facilitate  an agreement that allows us to coexist with each other.

Please let me know if you have a comment to add jrussellsmith@icloud.com  or use the web site discussion forum.


Russell Smith
Chair ORPS

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