November 25, 2013

Beacon Hill North Wood coppicing

On Friday 22nd November, Friends of Beacon Hill worked in the North Wood for about 3 hours. Rangers Charlie and Will and 8 volunteers, a record number. Thank you to all these helpers. We moved the coppiced logs to place them one side of the main woodland paths that were suffering from erosion and staked them firmly. Quite heavy work in slippery conditions. Charlie has plans to plant native woodland flowers in these cleared areas. Violets and stinking iris can already be seen and we will try and get rid of the Spanish bluebells that someone misguidedly keeps planting.
There is a lot more work to be done in this area of the reserve. We need to finish path maintenance especially the lower path from Court Ord Rd. This includes clearing rubbish dumped from Meadow Close gardens. The bird boxes need tending and we are having another bird box making morning at the Greenways shed, under the guidance of Johnny Woodford. Probably around March.
We will be publishing details on the FOBH website page and Facebook page in due course.

Autumn light in the north wood

Autumn light in the north wood

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