October 11, 2013

Brighton marina to Newhaven coastal survey

Erosion defences near Ovingdeaan Gap

Erosion defences near Ovingdeaan Gap

Brighton Council are hoping to embark on a study of the coast from the Marina to Newhaven to look at how the coast is expected to change over the coming years and how these changes can be managed. The main issues for Brighton are the continuing maintenance of the seawall  and how the gradual erosion of the cliffs is to be managed.

At present they have commissioned a scoping report which will help guide them through the study and help them to secure funding from the Environment Agency. The council will keep in contact with ORPS and they will at some point canvass opinion on various issues when the time comes.

I am sure we will all be interested in their views on issues such as the speed the cliffs will erode towards the coast road!

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