September 3, 2013

Ovingdean environs & Beacon Hill Nature Reserve

The 4 new trees in Ainsworth Ave benefited from last years rainfall and seem to have established themselves very well. However grass verges suffered from the salt laden grit sprayed on icy roads and commercial and private vehicles parked on them. Please help to maintain ’your’ verge. I’m always fascinated by the verges in Wanderdown Rd as they are covered with Downland flora.

We commissioned Johnny Woodford to make 3 new plant troughs for the village and these are now in place and planted up. I would be very grateful to those living near to give them the occasional can of water and for anyone passing to do a bit of dead heading. Most of the plants are bought from Stanmer nursery where we get a 10% reduction for community planting.

The nature reserve will have been judged by South East in Bloom by the time you receive this newsletter. Last year we earned gold so we are in hope of the equivalent as Ranger Charlie’s work group have carried out most of the judge’s recommendations.

We have been advised to become a ‘constituted’ group as this opens up the possibilities of applying for the many pots of money available for projects. The inaugural meeting will be at 7pm on September 11th in the upper room of The Plough Inn. Buy a drink at the bar and come and join us with support and ideas.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining Ranger Charlie’s work group.

Bernadette: 309118 or email:

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