Ovingdean Residents & Preservation Society


The objectives of the society as laid down in its rules are ‘ to promote and preserve the amenities and ambience of the area and to act generally in the interests of the inhabitants of the district’. We hope the various action you see carried out by ORPS fulfill these objective but nowhere is it more apparent than in the planning area. We certainly see ourselves in the role of responding to planning applications, but only where we feel it affects adversely ‘the ambience and amenity value of the area’.

You may be interested to know that over the last two years ORPS has reviewed 71 planning applications, of these we have objected to nine. Whilst we are passionate defenders of our village life we think this puts into perspective the role we have to play.

Individuals in the village should pursue their own objections to any planning application that they see as impacting upon them. ORPS will react where collectively it is thought necessary, if an application has wider adverse implications for a particular area or adversely affects numerous residents.

Russell Smith

Chairman of ORPS

Contact Person

Russell Smith
Tel: 01273304482
Email: russell@ovingdean.com