Plastic Free Ovingdean

Welcome to the Plastic Free Ovingdean page.( which is still being developed!)

Here you will find all the latest exciting developments in our campaign to make Ovingdean ‘Plastic Free’.

We recognise making Ovingdean ‘plastic free’ is a challenging cause we will never, we suspect be without some form of plastic in our lives. However our PFG aims are quite clear . To:

  • Cut down , eliminate even, our dependency on single use plastics like cling film, cotton buds etc
  • Engender a real recycling culture in the village by helping to provide areas where residents can leave single use plastics as well as of course continue the eduction of what you can recycle
  • Provide education on reusing items rather than disposing them

Leading the charge on this issue is Jessica Bavinton who can be contacted at Read the latest notes on the steering group supporting Jessica as well as also looking at our Facebook page.

Plastic free developments

  1. Residents survey : We recently surveyed residents on what they would like to see. Click here for the results
  2. Applying for the Surfers Against Sewage award. Latest news
  3. Recycling options : what we have so far found out on where you can recycle materials. For example ASDA in the Marina, LINK Wyevale garden centre at the racecourse LINK …..

Members of the Plastic Free steering group are …..

Important recycling links

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