January 25, 2014

New lamp posts in Ovingdean

We understand that all the lamp posts in the village are to be replaced in order to cut down on light pollution ( I am sure those ‘leaning on a lamp post in case a certain…..’ will be interested)
One result of getting new lamp posts will be that Neighbourhood Watch Signs may need to be replaced so please let Linda Hood (tel 01273306441) the local NHW coordinator know if you would like a new sign for your lamp post when it is replaced.

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  • Ovingdean Webmaster February 5, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    …oh me, oh my!
    Shame to see the new lamp posts are of a contemporary design – but worth it to reduce light pollution? Speaking of which, why are they on all day long? And, do the council operatives that installed the new units not possess a spirit level? Doesn’t seem to be a single one that is perpendicular (to my eye) along Longhil Road! One would hope that we retain traditional cast iron style lamp posts in the old village at least.

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