July 27, 2017

New TPO granted : Please support by emailing the council



Brighton & Hove City Council have done something amazing!

On 21 July 2017 Brighton & Hove issued a new Tree Preservation Order (TPO) that identifies and protects numerous trees and their roots within the woodland ‘Land East of Longhill Close’. The TPO states ‘…the trees referred to in the Order have for many years formed an important amenity in the area and such an amenity should be preserved’. This woodland, situated in the heart of Brighton’s first identified Wildlife Corridor was viciously stripped by developers with chainsaws and fires back in October 2014.

BEFORE clearance (Oct 2014) AFTER clearance (Dec 2015) NOW (Mar 2017) regenerating nicely

At the moment the new TPO is temporary so we need your help to make it permanent. It protects nearly all the trees that are left, but we believe Brighton & Hove are working hard to prevent further devastation and you can help by asking them to protect every tree and tree stump that remains in the woodland.

Please send an email or letter to the Arboriculture Department

by 18 August 2017 thanking them for issuing the TPO and stating why you think it should be made permanent and extended to include all the trees and stumps remaining.

The Council would prefer emails and you need to include your address with postcode plus the reference: ‘Tree Preservation Order No 3 2017 Land to the East of Longhill Close’

It must be in your own words, but here are some ideas:

The trees within Land East of Longhill Close have for decades provided:

  • An important, historical and visual divide between Ovingdean and Rottingdean
  • A rich habitat for numerous wildlife species, some of which are rare
  • Screening and privacy for the residents and visitors of Longhill Close, Elvin Crescent, Eley Crescent andLonghill RoadAsk them to please extend the TPO to include all the trees and remaining stumps on the site.




Arboriculturist, City Parks Office, Stanmer Nursery, Stanmer Park, Lewes Road, BN1 9SE

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