April 7, 2014

ORPS 2014 AGM papers : 2014 Accounts & 2013 AGM meeting minutes



Opening balance 01/03/2013 5853.87
Subscriptions 771 Hire of village hall 32
Interest 0.59 Plants for village troughs 129.91
Membership fee for Conservation Advisory Group 10
Contribution to Friends of Beacon Hill 100
Contribution to web site for Be Creative 500
Priniting for Meadow Vale action 117.5
771.59 889.41
Closing balance 31/03/2014 5736.05





HELD 20 APRIL 2013


Committee Members

Present:                      Jay Butler, Nadia Itkin, Tracey Llewellyn (Secretary), Robert Mojab (Chair), Bernadette Skinner, Steve Wedd and Sallie White


In attendance:             Lynda Hyde (Councillor) and Mary Mears (Councillor)


1)         Welcome from the Chairman


Robert Mojab welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Committee members. He also introduced the Council representatives, Lynda Hyde and Mary Mears.


2)         Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from John Hilder, Sue and Martin Pemberton-Ladell and also John Shepherd.


3)& 4)   A review of ORPS Activity and the Chairman’s Report 2012 / 2013


Robert Mojab presented his annual report which represented a summary of the ORPS activities during the year, as follows:


  1.                i.         Planning applications had been monitored, significantly those in Ainsworth Avenue and Longhill Road. He also commented that there had been some activity by developers to acquire and build on the triangle of land between the rear of houses in Greenways and the bottom of properties on Ainsworth Avenue.
  2.               ii.         The refurbishment of the underpass had been completed with funding from Southern Water, Ovingdean Hall College (OHC) and from ORPS. It represented the largest project undertaken by ORPS and the challenge since completion was in keeping it clean and maintaining the appearance.
  3.             iii.         Two years ago, the first planter had been funded by the Council and subsequently ORPS subscriptions had funded three more new troughs. Robert stated that he hoped the planters brought pleasure to both Village residents and those passing through.
  4.              iv.         The annual Spring Village “tidy up” and also spring bulb planting.
  5.               v.         A campaign had been successful in stopping double yellow lines being laid on the Ovingdean Road.
  6.              vi.         Work had been undertaken in ensuring that the correct top was placed on the lamppost at the bottom of the Rectory Drive. Robert commented that it was a relatively small issue but that it was amazing how long it had taken to reach a successful conclusion.
  7.            vii.         ORPS maintains relationships with OHC, the Brighton marathon organisational team and St Dunstan’s, as well as others. He stated that there was a good relationship with the management team at OHC which allowed communication regarding student issues e.g. noise disturbance and litter.
  8.           viii.         It is the intention to issue newsletters on a quarterly basis although time does not always allow this to happen.






5)         Treasurer’s Report 2012 / 2013


The Treasurer, John Hilder, was not present at the meeting and Bernadette Skinner read his report from an email that he had sent in his absence. It was noted that the audit of the accounts had yet to be finalised but that the balance in the accounts was £5,853.87 with an additional petty cash float of £85.40 for subscriptions which had yet to be banked. The year end balance is therefore £5,939.27. The significant costs during the year had been the refurbishment of the underpass and the cost of the planters. In terms of donations, a sum of £3,000 had been received from Southern Water for the underpass project.


There was discussion about the issue of subscription collection which was a problem, especially on Longhill Road. Pauline volunteered to help to cover this area and the matter of how best to collect the subscriptions, whilst delivering the newsletters, was discussed.


At this point there was also discussion about what Village residents would like funds to be spent on e.g. traffic calming (see item 9) below) and restrictions on grass verge parking. Mary Mears advised that the Council would support complaints made about damage to the grass verges and would be prepared to fund, in part and at a lower cost than previously, the wooden posts.


6)         Election of Chairperson


Robert Mojab advised that after a long period as Chairman, he would be standing down. He advised that Russell Smith had offered to stand as the new Chairman. The proposal was passed.


7)         Appeal for New Committee Members


Robert Mojab appealed for people to step forward as the help is most welcome and, with more co-opted Committee members, so the work involved and the time could be divided. John Richards offered to join the Committee


8)         Election of Committee Members


It was proposed and carried unanimously that the existing Committee members; Jay Butler, Nadia Itkin, Tracey Llewellyn, Bernadette Skinner, Steve Wedd and Sallie White would be re-elected and that John Richard was elected.


9)         Update on 52 Bus Service and Village Speed Limits


  1.                         i.         Mary Mears advised that Ovingdean is the only part of the City which does not have a complete service into the City but that, at a recent meeting, it was proposed to operate a 90 minute service to the train station, run by the Big Lemon. She advised that there may be opposition to the contract from the Brighton & Hove bus company and that therefore requests from local people must be made. Tom Drewitt (Big Lemon) suggested that a questionnaire be circulated to canvass community opinion and it was agreed to consider sending such a questionnaire with the next newsletter. Robert Mojab suggested a request under the FIA to ascertain what the residents of the Village contribute in council tax versus what the Village received in services.







  1.                        ii.         It was noted that the results of the survey on the introduction of a City wide 20mph speed limit showed 79% of the respondents did not support the proposal but in Ovingdean 67% of residents did support the proposal. It was noted that Simon Kirby is collating responses which will be presented at the Executive. Furthermore, it was stated that a local action group in Saltdean, Rottingdean and Woodingdean were working with the PCSOs in carrying out traffic speed surveillance and that Greenways had been identified as a major area where speeding occurred. The action group had asked, via ORPS, if residents would be prepared to man hand held speed cameras. Steve Wedd offered his help.


10)       Any Other Business


  1. It was noted that the “party house” on Ainsworth Avenue had been sold.
  2. A question was asked about membership of ORPS. Robert Mojab answered saying that residents are members on a rolling basis through payment of the subscription but that everyone household in the Village receives a newsletter.
  3. Pauline expressed thanks to the Committee, especially to Robert for his long standing Chairmanship, to Jay for his work on the underpass and to Bernadette for her environmental work.


The Chair thanked the guests for attending and the meeting was formally closed.









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