April 7, 2014

Taking swift action against developers and Badger watching



Wholesale clearance of land and habitat of badgers and other wildlife  by a landowner took place last week in an area of land behind Wanderdown Road called ‘Wanderdown Open Space’


Workmen with diggers have cleared trees, brambles and other ground cover, levelling the ground and setting up a series of bonfires which have been burning for approximately two weeks at a time when air quality has been problematic already.

An RSPCA Inspector attended to show the adjacent landowner, and the workmen whom he supervises, live badgers’s setts to one side of the plot, one of which had been covered with tree branches. He has warned that work must not be undertaken in the vicinity, on penalty of a fine up to £20,000 or imprisonment.

The project manager stated that groundwork is almost complete but there has been further work over the week end and another bonfire. He has, however, put up notices for his workmen to keep them out of the area where live setts were discovered.

He denied that he had ever seen a badger on his property but the Inspector was able to point out live setts in his garden on the way

back from the meeting. The Inspector says that the west facing hilly gardens where the live setts were discovered are perfect for badger occupation. We  would like to help to nurture and protect the badgers that come.

I think this is an example that if neighbours take swift action to question the actions of a developer, they can achieve good results.

Badger watching

If you join in taking photographs of your visiting badgers and a log of when they come into your garden we would love to hear from you. We will try to put as many of these details on the website as possible. Don’t forget to leave the setts in peace but enjoy your badger watching!

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