September 14, 2016

Traffic calming in Ovingdean


ORPS has recently commissioned a report from GTA Civils , Consulting Engineers entitled ‘Traffic Calming Report : To improve the Road Safety of Ovingdean Village”. ORPS is sharing this document with residents in advance of the village wide meeting on Thursday 22 September, 7.15pm in Ovingdean Village Hall so that we can have an informed debate.

The document was commissioned by ORPS to illustrate the potential for introducing traffic calming measures in Ovingdean. At this stage it does not represent a recommendation on what action will be taken, it is for consultation with the village.

Any solutions must incorporate the whole of Ovingdean and not selected roads like Ovingdean road. We cannot stop traffic coming into Ovingdean, we can only slow it down, to make it safer for residents. In fact we have numerous examples of dangerous driving incidents in the village (and wish to collect more please) which are primarily speeding related.

Please free to share this report/email with others, the main suggestions for which are :

1. A “Village gateway” feature be installed

a) 50-100 m from the junction of Falmer road on Ovingdean road
b) 50-100m south of the junction with Beacon Hill on Greenways

2. A ‘Shared Space’ on
a) Ovingdean road, south east of Longhill road
b) on the narrower section of Greenways north of Ainsworth Avenue

3. “Pinch points” on
a) Longhill Road
b) Ainsworth Avenue
c) Wanderdown road
d) Ovingdean Road
e) Greenways ( between Beacon Hill and Ainsworth Avenue)

4. Full width 6m road humps on Beacon Hill (note there exists the possibilities of adding more road humps elsewhere in the village)


For more detail on the features and benefits of these measures and where they are currently employed elsewhere in Brighton refer to the consultants report. They will also be explained in more detail at the meeting.

1. Village gateway Consists of a red carriageway surfacing, road markings and a village name sign. The carriageway would be narrowed with kerbing and the introduction of short sections of fence in the verge

2. Shared space uses different surfacing materials involving contrasting colours and textures. It creates uncertainty for drivers which leads to lower speeds

3. Pinch points are a short section of kerb built out usually on one side of the road or the other restricting the effective carriageway width to one- way flow and thereby introducing priority one –way working
Where next?

If there is sufficient buy in at the 22 September meeting, ORPS will engage fully with council officials and then bring back final proposals for agreement in a ‘mini ‘village referendum.
If you are unable to make the 22 September meeting and/or would like to make some early comments on the proposals, ORPS would be very pleased to hear from you.


Russell Smith

Chair ORPS


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    Hi i think its all fine to look at speed calming measures in Ovingdean Village but the real problem is in the old village and the lack of pavements and the danger for anyone walking around the old village is very present(young families with children etc)To much effervesces has been made on the speed of cars going through the village and not on the lack of pavements.Three years ago Brighton and Hove Council came to see me at my house in regards to the speeding in the village and the lack of pavements in the old village.After a long conversation with the two traffic officers from the council and them telling me because nobody had been killed as yet there was nothing they could really do.
    At this point I asked them if they would like to walk round the corner to Ovingdean nursery school to see the problem first hand(4.30pm) which they replied.
    “I,em very sorry but its a bit to dangerous to walk round as there are no pavements and cars tend to speed”
    The long and short of it is the Old Village at rush hour is now very dangerous for anyone walking and something must be done ASAP before someone is killed.

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