March 28, 2014

Update on Meadow Vale development

Update on Meadow Vale development

Since the announcement by Lightwood Homes to build up to 112 houses on the area loosely know as Meadow Vale ( a description used by Lightwood rather then the specific geography of the proposed development) quite a number of actions have already taken place

1. An action group against the development has been formed under the name of the Deans Preservation Group. The PR officer, Sue Ancell for the group can be contacted on

2. Lightwood arranged a consultation exercise at Longhill school on Tuesday10/Wednesday 11 April. The ‘anti group’ gathered close to 1000 signatures against the development ( less than 10 for it). There were clearly inaccuracies in the information Lightwood was putting across. We have established that Lightwood’s plans are for 112 homes, but their plan had far fewer houses than that shown, (they said their plans were for illustration purposes only) and the field was described as as being arable land when it is chalk grassland. It is clear that Lightwood were giving the loosest information possible to comply with the requirement to hold a consultation.

3. Simon Kirby our local MP has also being gathering objections against through his own survey of constituents

4. An article was published in the Argus which indicated strong objections to the development

Our understanding at this stage is that

The Local Land Development Team at BHCC in a briefing note dated 27th February confirmed that the site was being promoted for development by Lightfoot on behalf of the owner, and in response to the Inspector’s comments, the Council would be appointing consultants to reassess the extent to which urban fringe sites can be used for housing to meet the government’s quota for new homes.

It is understood that the proposed timetable for 2014 is as follows:

· Additional work and further studies by end of May

· Council decision on main modification to the City Plan by July

· Publication and consultation on main modification in response to the Inspector’s letter and additional work between July and September

· Re-opening hearing in October and Inspector’s final Report in December

We are sill awaiting of course the next steps that Lightwood will take which is likely to press as indicated for planning permission from the council. In the meantime residents should continue to agitate against the proposals by writing to the planning department. The action group is considering legal action but funds will need to be raised for such an exercise. ORPS has pledged money in support but any legal action will require a significant contribution from all those against. The proposals will next be discussed at the ORPS AGM , 7.45pm on Tuesday 6 April 2014 at Ovingdean Village Hall



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  • Keith Briffett April 16, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Why not publish an article about the Meadow vale development in The Deans Magazine? I’ll be happy to run it for you in our June edition and it will be a good way of making Deans residents aware of what is going on and what action they can take. I knew nothing about it until an email arrived from Simon Kirby.

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