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Ovingdean Residents & Preservation Society  - ORPS

ORPS work on behalf of the village to help improve life in the village by putting a collective effort into projects that make a difference.
Residents of Ovingdean are automatically members of ORPS. We collect donations/ subscriptions in March/April to spend on our projects and to provide support to residents

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If you are an Ovingdean resident, click the Subscribe button below to receive regular ORPS newsletters AND notifications of planning issues in the village

November 2023

Artists open call, Speeding Traffic, OIC-Brighton

October 2023

OIC update, Neighbourhood Plan, Old Parish Lane

August 2023

OIC-Brighton update, Undercliff cycling, Camping on Greenways

June 2023

Speed camera results, Trees & Hedges, Overnight Campers and Undercliff cycling

April 2023

Public Toilets repaint, ORPS AGM, New 52 Bus times

March 2023

Public Toilets, Spring Clean, ORPS AGM

January 2023

Public Toilets, Speed Sign, Hedge Update and Spring Clean

December 2022 update

Invite from Oxford Int'l College - Brighton, Blind Veterans planning

December 2022

Christmas Tree lights, Blind Veterans planning, Christmas Concert

November 2022

Old Parish Lane, Playground revamp, Sheep move, What's On

October 2022

Helping Hands, Free Plants, Great Big Green Week

ORPS Committee members

Malcolm Spencer


Pam Wright


John Parsons

Committee Member

Steve Wedd

Committee Member

Bernadette Skinner

Committee Member

Paul Redfern

Committee Member

Ben Carr

Committee Member

David Plant


Jon Watts

Committee Member

James Johnson

Committee Member

ORPS: Team
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